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Top 5 tips on saving time for band saw users

It has been said that time is gold. No matter what you are doing, the more time is saved, the better. It is especially essential when you operate a band sawmill, in addition to the effectiveness of the production, you also need to keep an eye on the time it has taken. This is based on how you approach it. A good strategy for carrying out the process in step – by – step will help you very much in saving time. And here are 5 best tips for you. 

   1.     Do not hurry
Among the most serious mistakes, there is one which you, the sawyers, enable to cause is to carry out the cuts in a hurry. As many of us still keep thinking that if you hurry to do every job, it will help you save time. You try to push out the board footage as much as possible by beginning to saw corners as well as try to boost the devices’ capacity than they are tended to do, which lead to the result of disasters. In fact, this is absolutely wrong but also there perhaps some contrast consequences because of the misuses and abusing of the device. Never hurry with a band saw. Just spending your time and working safely on the cutting tool are very effective in the long run in addition to high capacity and less tension.

2.     Log preparation

If you have a good preparation of the logs prior to going them on the saw, there will be much time saved. Cut back the log bell on its butt as close as possible to the diameter of the rest, which helps much in avoiding against monitoring the saw. For instance, finding a wood log in your backyard and then tend to have a cut, it is your chance to pick up the metal detector to find out some more nails left there for the reason of avoid hitting them with your band saw blade. Do not forget to clean the log as dirt is the second enemy of your blade, just after hard metal.

3.     Always use a sharp blade

Have you ever experienced or imagined how it would be if you use your best band saw blades for a very long time? Just thinking that you are working on a big log with a dull blade, the clear consequence is either the blade will be flown out and shot to somewhere / someone or it will be stuck in the board. From that point, there are two ways for you to deal with that situation, either you cut the half board to get the stuck blade out or work your blade back out. It is really time - consuming, isn’t it?
Thus, to save time as well as ensure the best capacity, you need to pay attention to the sharpness of the blade. Change or sharpen it when it is dull. It just take a bit time doing. If your need to tighten the saw blade usually while in use, it means that the blade is dull.

4.     Prevent the breakdowns

The maintenance jobs may take time, but it is very worthy to do. If there is a sudden breakdown, you will spend more time than to fix while not mentioning to the costs you have to pay for. The time that must have been used for producing some new products, you use for repairing. But just following the manual maintenance routine, can you count how much time and money are saved? It just takes about twenty minutes to grease the band saw daily before use.

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