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How to buy Robotic pool cleaner: Great Tip

While the pool brings you  many benefits  and beautifies the overall look of the house, it also requires to maintain regularly so that it stays clean and healthy for people who like swimming. To ensure that your pool is always in the best conditions whenever you want to use, a best robotic pool cleaner will serve as a promising solution that prevents homeowners from cleaning the entire pool manually. This device  has a filtering system that is able to remove dirt, debris, leaves and other unwanted things from the pools without requiring pool drainage. Robotic pool cleaner is a very popular product, a variety of shape and size and available in many types .
The important factors when deciding to select a robotic pool cleaner are type and size of your pool. This type of cleaners is always available on the market and customers can choose any ones they want, but every device has certain specification and it only work to its potential when used properly. For example, Dolphin 99996323 Nautilus is equipped with all necessary features that are more suitable for residential in-ground pool while Aquabot Pool Rover Junior handle every flat bottomed aboveground pool shape. Moreover, the cleaner that is designed for large pool need a considerable cord length in order to reach every corner of the pool. Another factor needs to consider when buying is frequency of use. Based on the conditions of pool’s surrounding, homeowners need an appropriate cleaning schedule. When robotic pool cleaners work, all debris will be stored in the filter bag; therefore, the bag will eventually need to be replaced. It is the best to select a robotic pool cleaner well-supplied with replacement part.
In the other hand, before choosing cleaners, you have to consider its size and weight.  A big robotic pool cleaner with large motor can be very heavy. It can be up to 150 lbs, so it is very difficult for users to take the appliance out of the water and store it. You should purchase the available storage space that is suitable for in your house and ensure that you are able to carry it. If necessary, you can buy a caddy separately because it help you make the jobs easily. Finally, the cost for maintenance of the robotic pool cleaner can be as expensive as a new one, so your device should be covered by a good warranty. It means that you can save a good deal of money.
Today, on the market, best automatic pool cleaner appears with numerous available products from many different manufactures. Selecting the best one that meets your needs can be quite difficult task. Hence, you must find out and consult more information about specification of products as well as know clearly design of your own pool before making a purchase. And the mentioned factors above is also a reference that may be help you feel easier to make a wise decision, avoid future disappointment and prevent yourself from wasting money. Hope that you can choose a best product.

Thứ Ba, 15 tháng 3, 2016

Top 5 tips on saving time for band saw users

It has been said that time is gold. No matter what you are doing, the more time is saved, the better. It is especially essential when you operate a band sawmill, in addition to the effectiveness of the production, you also need to keep an eye on the time it has taken. This is based on how you approach it. A good strategy for carrying out the process in step – by – step will help you very much in saving time. And here are 5 best tips for you. 

   1.     Do not hurry
Among the most serious mistakes, there is one which you, the sawyers, enable to cause is to carry out the cuts in a hurry. As many of us still keep thinking that if you hurry to do every job, it will help you save time. You try to push out the board footage as much as possible by beginning to saw corners as well as try to boost the devices’ capacity than they are tended to do, which lead to the result of disasters. In fact, this is absolutely wrong but also there perhaps some contrast consequences because of the misuses and abusing of the device. Never hurry with a band saw. Just spending your time and working safely on the cutting tool are very effective in the long run in addition to high capacity and less tension.

2.     Log preparation

If you have a good preparation of the logs prior to going them on the saw, there will be much time saved. Cut back the log bell on its butt as close as possible to the diameter of the rest, which helps much in avoiding against monitoring the saw. For instance, finding a wood log in your backyard and then tend to have a cut, it is your chance to pick up the metal detector to find out some more nails left there for the reason of avoid hitting them with your band saw blade. Do not forget to clean the log as dirt is the second enemy of your blade, just after hard metal.

3.     Always use a sharp blade

Have you ever experienced or imagined how it would be if you use your best band saw blades for a very long time? Just thinking that you are working on a big log with a dull blade, the clear consequence is either the blade will be flown out and shot to somewhere / someone or it will be stuck in the board. From that point, there are two ways for you to deal with that situation, either you cut the half board to get the stuck blade out or work your blade back out. It is really time - consuming, isn’t it?
Thus, to save time as well as ensure the best capacity, you need to pay attention to the sharpness of the blade. Change or sharpen it when it is dull. It just take a bit time doing. If your need to tighten the saw blade usually while in use, it means that the blade is dull.

4.     Prevent the breakdowns

The maintenance jobs may take time, but it is very worthy to do. If there is a sudden breakdown, you will spend more time than to fix while not mentioning to the costs you have to pay for. The time that must have been used for producing some new products, you use for repairing. But just following the manual maintenance routine, can you count how much time and money are saved? It just takes about twenty minutes to grease the band saw daily before use.

Thứ Tư, 24 tháng 2, 2016

Security with a band saw – push – and drill

What should you do before using a band saw?
• Band mill can be dangerous if it is not used properly.
• Carefully read the instruction of use.
• Make sure you understand the instructions before using any tool or machine.
• Know the uses and limitations of the tools and machines before using them.
• Ensure that the band saw is well anchored to the ground (or a set of appropriate height) to reduce vibration.
• See website entitled Woodworking Machines - General Safety Tips for more information on how to use the machines Woodworking safely.
 What safety measures should be taken when using a band saw?
• Wear safety goggles or face shield.
• Wear protective ear for the appropriate level and frequency of the noise you are exposed to in the woodworking shop.
• Ensure that all guards are in place and properly adjusted. Ensure that all flying are covered.
• Set the blade guard so that it is approximately 3 mm (1/8 inch) above the top of the work piece.
• Ensure that the blade does not deviate from its path and rotates freely between the upper and lower guide rollers.
• Ensure that the blade is tight. It is recommended to use a band saw equipped with an automatic tensioner.
• Use only blades which are well sharpened, well regulated and well suited to the job (ie d. With good pace, good shape, good width).
• Hold the work piece firmly, flat on the tray to prevent rotation or cause the fingers of the operator in the path of the blade. Rely hands against the board.
• Use a push to remove the cut pieces between the rip fence and the blade or when hands are likely to approach the blade. Keep hands on each side of the blade, never opposite the cutting line or the blade.
• Make relief cuts prior to changing direction in tight intricate carvings.
• Keep the floor clean and free of obstacles and clutter around the saw.
• Keep well-oiled and in good condition machine.
• Ensure that the plate of the saw is properly informed. A flexible connection to luminaire can provide excellent lighting.
What should you avoid when working with a band saw?
• Do not use excessive force to push the work piece against the blade.
• If the part gets stuck or clamp the blade, do not back off while the blade is in motion.
• Do not attempt to abruptly stop the blade by pushing a piece against the cutting edge or side of the blade immediately after turning off the power.
• Do not use hands or compressed air to remove sawdust or chips from the board. Using a stick or a brush.
• Do not leave the saw unattended. Disconnect the power supply and ensure that the blade has stopped rotating before leaving the scene.
When to use push?

For the machine operators working on the ordinary wood (eg. Bench saws, band saws, radial arm saws, planers and moulders), should always use push buttons or blocks. They protect your hands while allowing good control in advance of the part in the tool or blade. The push blocks planers should be designed to be handled with both hands.
What should be the main features of a push?
• The restraint must push blocks:
• be rigid;
• be designed to protect the good hands of the operator;
• allowing the operator to apply firm, steady pressure on the work piece.  
Security with a drill
What should you do before using a drill press?
Column drills can be dangerous if not used properly.
• Read the operator's manual.
• Make sure you understand instructions and are properly trained before operating a drill press.
What safe work practices applied when using a drill press?
• Wear appropriate safety glasses.
• Ensure that the power button / stop the drill is easily accessible to the operator.
• Remove chips from the vacuum cleaner, brush or broom.
• Remove burrs and chips from the hole. Clean frequently during deep drilling hole.
• Using a clamp or vise bore to prevent the piece from rotating.
• Sprinkle a bit when drilling metal.
• Reduce the pressure of drilling when the drill bit through the room. This avoids the sudden plunge of the drill into the room and his break.
• Keep clean and sharp drills. The dulling of the drill is a common cause of failure.
• Keep the floor around the drill press free of oil and grease.
• Keep the work area clean of scraps, tools and materials.
• Keep guards in place and in good condition.
What should you avoid doing when using a drill press?
• To wear loose clothing or tie
• To wear gloves, rings, a wristwatch or bracelet.
• To regulate the speed, adjust or measure a part before the machine has completely stopped.
• To let the wrench into the chuck. It is appropriate to remove the key immediately after making the desired settings.
• To hold the work piece to be drilled by hand for drilling over 12 holes mm (1/2 inch) in diameter.
• Hold hands under the part to be drilled.
• To lock the rotation of the mandrel or of the spindle with its hands.
• To remove a broken drill using a hammer and punch.

• To let the drill run unattended.

Chủ Nhật, 15 tháng 11, 2015

BEST Adjusting Your Band Saw Blade For Blade Drift

Blade drift happens whilst the substances, inclusive of wood, is pressed upon a totally thin blade at some point of cutting. What happens is that the blade twists at a sure amount of attitude depending on the kind and size of the blade. in order to preserve a straight line while reducing and minimizing the effects of blade go with the flow, you need to adjust the band saw fence to deal with that equal quantity of perspective for maximum aid whilst reducing.

This procedure is sincerely quite simple but very critical to do to make certain a extra green and correct slicing enjoy. There is not a good deal materials needed for this technique. here are the stairs on a way to regulate the band noticed fence to house blade float.

Adjusting The Band noticed Fence For Blade waft
1.            First, you need to take a chunk of timber, it is able to be a scrap wooden or the one that you're going to apply for a challenge, and draw a parallel line. To do this, grab a immediately edge and lay down the wood at the table and vicinity the straight part upright at the facet of the timber and draw a line using a pencil.
2.            put off the fence first then reduce along the drawn line as immediately as viable using freehand. The objective right here is to find a point where to live in that line exceptional and instantly.
three.   To try this, definitely activate the band noticed and reduce alongside the line. You do no longer should cut very far. The important aspect to notice is you need to find an attitude wherein you are not twisting the wood.
four.      flip off the noticed and it's miles very vital to keep the piece of wood consistent and not to transport it in any respect.
five.       Take a pencil and draw a line along the edge of the wooden at the band saw desk. This line determines the factor wherein the band noticed cuts a immediately line and the perspective that the fence need to be modify to in shape.
6.            Slide the fence over to the drawn line at the desk and then loosen the two bolts at the fence.
7.            this will permit you to adjust the attitude of the fence to healthy the line that is on the band noticed desk.
8.            while tightening again the two bolts, make sure to maintain the fence consistent as it is able to flow whilst turning the bolts. The fence is now parallel to the blade flow of the band noticed.
nine.      it is able to be adjusted and moved anywhere to deal with any thickness of the materials which you intend to cut.
10.          make certain to keep the bolts tight to avoid the fence angle from moving.

This easy method is indeed a need each time you're approximately to start a new undertaking. The blade glide isn't a big trouble at all but it's far nonetheless essential to modify the fence for a higher reference and guide while cutting instantly lines. but, blade glide is a natural phenomenon in relation to skinny blade cutting and the only aspect to do to deal with it's far adjusting and matching to its perspective.

make sure to always keep in mind that  equal types of blade may have a exceptional blade waft angle and consequently it's miles recommended that you try this technique whenever you convert your band noticed blade. Maximize using your fence and never permit the results of the blade waft affect the fulfillment of your band saw initiatives mainly those that require the use very thin blades.